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“To give one example, as we applied our solution to app store reviews for various apps, we discovered that dating apps tend to get complaints from racial and ethnic minorities getting less good matches. Since they are minorities, their usage patterns were likely lost when the product teams studied analytics to try to optimize the product. But an analysis of qualitative feedback can pick up on those sort of issues to help mitigate them from happening in the future.”

Does this data get published anywhere? Would be really interested to read.

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Great question Mike! Not yet, but you're giving me ideas for a future blog post (I think I have old screenshots of this example somewhere to share in the post).

If you're curious in the meantime, I found another similar example that you can view live if you pull up the iOS app store reviews for Tindr via kraftful.com. In the list of feature complaints, you will see requests to be able to add gender-neutral pronouns to the profile. Again, a minority issue that wouldn't be discoverable via traditional analytics.

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